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Spring Update

The opening quarter of 2024 has been a ground-breaking time for us in Kalinglinga.

The new year began with us hosting a child protection and safeguarding policy for our staff, coaches and volunteers in Kalingalinga. This is something we are particularly proud of as we strive to ensure our children are safe and happy and know that we have created a safe place for them. We recognise that abuse and exploitation of children happens in all countries and societies across the world, therefore, the situation of children must be improved through promotion of their rights.


Also we have had success on the pitch. After successfully opening our over 35's women team in October, we celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting our first ever four team football tournament, specifically for ladies over 35. The theme for this year was: Invest in Women and Girls: Accelerate progress. The success of this tournament will not only offer motivation to the young girls around the community but also offers massive support towards our overall goal of promoting ownership, leadership, role models and a healthy and active community. Not only did Africa On The Ball take part in this tournament, we were joined by other teams from around the area, showing the impact our work is having on the wider community. The over 35’s team showcases the power of football beyond age and allows parents and guardians to live heathy and active lives. With this provision now being available, we hope this will encourage ladies around the community to get active.



Also, this April we hosted another community awareness football tournament, and for the first time ever, this tournament was an inclusive event where every team had both male and female participants, again highlighting the work we are doing to promote equality and opportunity, showing that female participation in football continue to rise as a result of our work. It wasn’t only a successful tournament on the pitch, as we were lucky enough to be supported by two of our partners. Firstly, a big thanks to our Norwegian partner Skjbeberg Folkhoyskole Centre For Reproductive Health Education, who ran a number of sessions under the theme: We Are A Soccer Team. Sexual Reproductive Services Is Our Right. Secondly, a big thanks must go to Eagles of Change, a local partner that ran a number of sessions around drug, alcohol and substance abuse to the participants. These partners show our desire to use football as a method of promoting change and wellbeing throughout the community.


Watch this space for updates into what is going to be a busy summer period for us here at Africa On The Ball.

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