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Introducing our newest volunteer - Johnny Gillispie

A warm welcome to our newest volunteer, Johnny! He will be helping out with AOTB – and we’re so excited to have him!

Johnny spoke on why he joined AOTB…

“I joined AOTB because for me, football has grown beyond a passion and become an obsession. Perhaps the main reason for this is football’s potential to bring together communities across the world and overcome things which serve to divide these communities. For me football is a vehicle for cultivating the purest version of humanity, one in which we see beyond our differences and focus instead on that which makes us alike. I was therefore extremely excited to discover that same vision within AOTB, and was even more so when I learned of the projects that the organisation has carried out in order to manifest that vision. I could not be happier to have joined AotB and look forward to letting football do what it does best: unite. “

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